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I have been training with Stacey for over 2 years and can personally speak to her professionalism and knowledge, both of which are unmatched. She truly cares for all her clients and is motivated to help them reach their goals. If you're ready to work and make some positive changes, Stacey will help you get there.

Joel Buchanan

Stacey’s talent and coaching helped shape my drive back then and I remember advice she told me 5 years ago and use it today.

Alyssa Wagner

Stacey Warnock Jenkins has been my trainer since some time in February/late January. From working with her I have lost 30ish pounds and gained muscle in all different parts of my body. When I started going to her I was unable to do almost anything basic, even jumping jacks. Since then I have been able to complete doing 200 jumping jacks and lift much heavier weights on the machines and do longer cardio exercises. We have been through literally blood sweat and tears together, mostly tears to be honest and it has been so worth it. She has been an amazing trainer and has become someone I consider a close friend. She manages to always keep her cool even when I know I was giving her attitude and kept me very motivated even when I just wanted to give up. She answered my texts about what I should and shouldn’t eat and which exercises were better even if I sent them at 10 at night. She went above and beyond helping me in this journey and I’ll definitely be signing up for another 12 weeks at least. She always pushes me to do more and be a better version of myself but never makes me feel like I’m not as good because some times are still hard for me. I look forward to coming in and seeing her every week and getting to work on myself while hanging out with her has made these last 12 weeks so enjoyable. I am so glad that I got paired with her as a trainer as she has helped me in so many more ways that just fitness. I think she has had a huge role in making me not only more fit but happier. She has improved my overall wellness and made me feel better about myself even when I show up in no makeup and ugly workout pants. I think she is probably one of the nicest people I have ever met, and definitely someone who is passionate about what she does because she makes even me enjoy working out, sometimes. She is an absolutely amazing trainer and an even more amazing woman.

Missy M.

My daughter's and I started at Primal about a month ago. It has been life changing for me. Stacey is amazing. She has such knowledge and passion like I have never seen. For the first time in my life I am hopeful, encouraged and excited to get healthy. Primal Strength and Conditioning is a rare find. Stacey is the vessel that God choose to heal me, physically and more importantly mentally. Thank you Stacey for your patience and encouragement.

Tamera Glowner

I have never been consistent with working out. I would always try for 1-2 months before I would quit because of boredom, discouragement or lack of motivation. I wasn't sure if anything would change when I first started working out with Stacey, but I knew that I needed to do something again. I was mostly interested to try her because I liked the idea of working out outside and doing a variety of different workouts vs being stuck inside with just gym equipment. It was challenging at first, but became quickly addicting as I started to get stronger and feel better with more energy. It has now been 7 months straight with Stacey training me and I love it! I actually look forward to it now and am excited about the results I have seen with my body!

Ashley Agnini

Stacey has been one of the biggest helpers in my daughters speed, balance and agility. Every week we see improvement. My daughter has been show the proper and safe way to train that can last throughout her softball career.

Regina Stiltner

I’m still a work in progress but knowing I have Stacey to help me along the way has been successful in my journey. I’ve been working with Stacey for about 8 months and am so happy I decided to get active and healthy especially since my doctor was kind of nudging me to as well. I’m getting stronger and can run longer without tiring as much as I used to which is fantastic. It felt great recently walking into my annual doctors appointment 40 lbs lighter and all my lab work coming back normal. I feel like a badass sometimes when working with Stacey and I can’t thank her enough for all she’s helped me accomplish.

Cynthia R.

Stacey focuses a lot of my workouts on "functional" fitness and I thought I’d share an example of what that means to me. I’ve had multiple spinal surgeries and have avoided any jarring or bouncing movements for years.
After working with Stacey for more than a year, dropping a lot of weight and feeling great – I decided I’d try some jet skiing on a recent vacation and just see what happens. Well, what happened was pure joy. Due to the workouts with Stacey, my core was strong enough to protect me through the bounces and my legs were strong enough for me to take the jarring through them instead of my back.
I spent two days jet skiing all over the lake, over waves and wakes, laughing through it all – with no pain afterward. This, to me, is "functional" fitness! Being able to do something in real life – not just in the gym. Yeah, Stacey!!!!!!

Deb Cullings

Solid, no-nonsense and down to business. I do NOT recommend her if you want to visit a play pen and glisten. If you want serious intelligent training then she is top of the list.

Joseph Aldridge

If you’re looking for a personal trainer who will design a workout to meet your personal needs, regardless of age or medical conditions, this is the place for you. Primal is a place where you will be pushed to your limits while being encouraged that you are capable of more than you believe you are. If you have fitness goals for 2019, look no further than Primal Strength and Conditioning.

Mickelyn Houghton

Stacey is perfect for any age, any fitness level, if you want to get in shape, have more energy and strength and feel great.

Russ Fullerton

Stacey is incredible, her knowledge surpasses all other trainers in the area. My husband and myself both train with her and she has this amazing ability to adapt to both of us differently to ensure that we have the push needed to reach our goals. She customizes workout built for you - she knows what your body can handle and what you need to get the results you desire. She is an expert in her field and should be your first and only stop for personal training!

Jessica Grosso

Stacey is the best! I underwent spinal fusion to my lower back 3 years ago and due to poor post surgery care, never got the strength or conditioning I needed. Because of this I haven’t been able to run, work out, or do various activities without tons of back pain since. After my first session with Stacey, I was nervous that I would suffer from back pain post workout but it never happened! She was able to help me stretch and work out my back as well as other various body workouts in a safe and efficient way to not only help me be pain free on a day to day basis, but also get into shape as well! I HIGHLY recommend workin out with Stacey at Primal Strength and Conditioning if you suffer from any kinds of back pain and are looking for a way to safely get in shape!

Makaylee Graves

By far one of the smartest, and more importantly wisest trainers out there.. I've been in the gym for 30 years and I listen to everything she says.

Frank Sharik

Stacey's credentials speak for themselves. In my experience with her, and what sets her apart from most trainers, is that she truly cares about us getting fit and being healthy.

Greg Bowe

I’ve been training with Stacey for a little more than a year. She’s great at encouraging you to do more without pushing. And she makes sure you do it right. You get results with her guidance.

David Stewart

Stacey has been one of the biggest helpers in my daughters speed, balance, and agility. Every week we see improvement. My daughter has been shown the proper and safe way to train that can last throughout her softball career.

Regina Stiltner

If you are looking for someone to help you reach your fitness goals, you should talk with Stacey. I have trained with her for five years and now realize that I was wasting my time and money on the "big box" program. She started with an assessment of my goals and an evaluation of my physical condition. Before she agreed to train me, she suggested changes in my diet and giving up adult beverages. In fact, she said in the first discussion of a training program that she had no interest in taking me as a client if I could not stop drinking alcohol. Her exact comment was:"ïf you can’t give up alcohol, you are wasting your time and money". Stacey designs training programs for each individual. It is not one size for everyone, and she is there with a written program every day to make sure that you execute the exercise properly. I may never be able to do a hand stand push up, but I am doing things today that I did not think possible at my 72 years of age. Stacey makes physical fitness fun and most importantly gets results.

Dr. Dan Gunter

Stacey can help you reach any goal you have despite what stage of life you are in. She will work with whatever time you have and whatever fitness level you're at. She has taken me from overweight, high blood pressure, and low confidence to a person I am proud of being. She is EXPERT at curating a workout program for your individual needs to meet any goals you have. Whether you just want to lose weight or gain muscle, she will motivate you and train you to be exactly where you want to be! (100 pounds down!!)

Melissa McCormick

Since beginning my training with Stacey, I have increased my strength and now feel like I am working out correctly. I love the way she encourages me and pushes me at the same time. There are new workouts every single time so you will never get bored with a workout. I highly recommend her to anyone!

Jennifer Lanier

While I was away last week and traveling, I had a lot of time to reflect while driving. I would like to tell you how much you have done for me and what you mean to me. As I said when I started with you that I thought I was in good shape. I was quickly proven wrong. What you have done for me over the last 2 months has been nothing short of great. The way you push and motivate me only makes me want to do more, push further, try harder. I know you enjoy helping folks, but you should also understand that as my trainer (and I consider you a friend now as well, hopefully that is OK), I enjoy being a student of yours beyond what you might imagine. Thanks for everything you do and can't wait for Tuesday!

Steve Crowell

I was a 49 year old woman who felt like I was 70. In my 20’s and early 30’s I was in fabulous shape. I’m not sure how it happened, but I just started to put taking care of myself last on my "To-Do" list. At the end of the day, I never reached the end of that list! I felt tired and miserable most of the time. I kept saying, "I’ll start tomorrow!" Well, tomorrow never came. I told my husband that I just needed that one spark to get me going. For Mother’s Day he got me six sessions with my "SPARK," Stacey Jenkins. At first, I was not too happy! I knew how to work out! I didn’t need anyone to show me! Well, let me tell you that Stacey was the BEST Mother’s Day gift I have ever received. Her workouts are the best I have ever done in my life! She is so motivating and truly cared about me. Her sessions left me feeling stronger and more confident in myself. She gave me that "SPARK" that I needed to move forward and put taking care of myself first again! I really owe her my life because I was going down the wrong path. It is amazing how just six sessions did this, but it’s completely true. I’ll never forget when she said to me, "If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!" It is my new motto! From the bottom of my heart Stacey, thank you for being my "SPARK." I will never forget it!

Denise Marolda

For years I have been a member of a local fitness center, working out 3 to 5 times a week. As I got older, I noticed the work outs became harder and harder and I had to work twice as hard to see any results. I thought I was in pretty good shape as I was doing both cardio and weight training during these almost daily workouts, but, the weight was still going up.
In June of 2012, a friend of mine introduced me to Stacey. I started working out with her twice a week. I thought I was in boot camp! Even though I had been steadily working out for years at a gym, muscles I never knew I had suddenly started hurting.....but in that good way. One thing I did learn while working out with Stacey, was that my balance was off. Somehow I could no longer balance on one leg. So, we worked on that along with building my core muscles and strengthening my arms & legs.
I now work with Stacey 3 times a week for an hour. I’m amazed at what I can do now that I couldn’t even do 6 months ago. My overall body strength has increased; my balance has improved greatly and I’ve built up amazing core strength. My arms & legs are toning up and I’m doing pushups, sit ups and other calisthenics in record numbers! My weight is going down along with my blood pressure and resting pulse. I’m thankful to my friend who introduced me to Stacey. I know I am in much better shape today than I have been in years.
Give Stacey a chance to train you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Lou Ann Piela

I have been working out consistently for 7 months, the last 3 months being with Stacey. My first experience was with a personal trainer in a gym setting. I felt like I wasn't getting my moneys worth and always left feeling like nothing was achieved. Since beginning my training with Stacey, I now know what working out really means. I enjoy exercising in an outdoor setting much more than the typical gym scene. The workouts Stacey provides not only pushes me physically, but also mentally and I leave surprised about how much I accomplished. Stacey is very professional and has a never ending knowledge about healthy eating and conditioning. I have seen a difference in the way I look and feel since beginning this exercise journey with Stacey and am looking forward to what goals I can accomplish next!


To anyone out there looking to get healthier, to anyone out there looking to get in better shape, to anyone out there looking to feel better about yourself and not sure where to start. Well here's your sign, here's your signal, here's your beginning! Don't let your life become the I should have, I would have, I could have but I never new where to begin! How do you get started? Where do you get started? This is how! Back in 2017 I lost all my strength. I'll never forget when I ordered my first barbell and couldn't even drag it into my house. I had to work slowly to get that In. I was heart broken. I wanted to give up on my CrossFit goals my dreams! This amazing coach didn't let me!! We are still working on those goals! It's an ongoing process to never give up on myself orv those dreams! If you want to start reaching goals and making changes in yourself and have no clue where to start then reach out to this lady and let her help you get started! Just understand it's a process that takes time! It does not come over night! Reach out to Trainer Stacey and let her help you like she has been helping me! Don't let another day pass. "I'll start tomorrow" won't get you there, but reaching out to Stacey Warnock will!

Liza Gallegos

I have been training with Stacey Jenkins for over 5 years. She has helped me after cancer, a broken arm and a fractured ankle. I am 78 and still training with kettle bells, along with strength and balance exercises. She has been able to keep me from giving up and getting stronger after each event. I dead lift 53 lbs kettle bells and swing 35 lbs. Am doing 30 sit ups and other muscle building exercises. She is the best!! If you are looking for a personal trainer, she is the best you can get. She will design a workout just for you.

Sonnie Graves

Stacey is the best! I underwent spinal fusion to my lower back 3 years ago and due to poor post surgery care, never got the strength or conditioning I needed. Because of this I haven’t been able to run, work out, or do various activities without tons of back pain since. After my first session with Stacey, I was nervous that I would suffer from back pain post workout but it never happened! She was able to help me stretch and work out my back as well as other various body workouts in a safe and efficient way to not only help me be pain free on a day to day basis, but also get into shape as well! I HIGHLY recommend working out with Stacey at Primal Strength and Conditioning if you suffer from any kinds of back pain and are looking for a way to safely get in shape!

Makaylee G

Stacy is so patient. I walked into her gym as a baby giraffe and left an athlete. She taught me so much. Stacy wants you to succeed.

Ashley M

Dedicated trainer who also wants to see you meet your fitness goals. Pushes me to be my best. Space is private , clean and up to date with great equipment. Contact Stacey, you won’t regret it ??

Cynthia R.

Stacey has been such a blessing to our entire family! Not only is she a knowledgeable and motivating trainer, but she also has a heart of gold. She pours her everything into her clients and I can not say "thank you" enough for the endless ways she is helping me grow (both inside and outside of the gym).

Kendal G.

My name is Stephen. I'm 6'0, 35 years old and a former Marine. I came to primal out of curiosity. I weighed in at 240. I was not obese but not in shape at all. I wasn't eating right or working out the right way. I was running occasionally but not enough to make an impact. I started going to primal two days a week and I could feel a difference after the first workout and it never got any easier. The workouts are different each and every time, never a dull routine. After a month or so, I asked what I should be eating. There was a custom meal plan that was drawn up for me to follow. I followed it to a T! I could see the weight begin to fall off and more importantly I was getting stronger at the same time. Not only could I see a difference but everyone else could as well. I begin to refine my lifting techniques and work on the finer details of each workout. I went for, 240 all the way down to 190pds. That was a 50pd difference. But not only did I lose the weight I gained muscle and strength over that time!! If u want to lose weight, gain muscle, get faster, and work on your Olympic lifts, this is the place for you!! Primal will show you the path but YOU have to put in the time and energy!! Thanks Primal for everything you have done for my body!

Stephen Young

I consider myself to be above average in the world of physical fitness, it’s been a lifestyle since I was about 12 years old. I’ve competed in Bodybuilding, CrossFit and still currently compete in an annual "Swat Competition" consisting of teams from around the world. I’m 48 years old and still very competitive in the field.

I recently needed a boost because I felt like I had just hit a plateau that I couldn’t get over. I talked with Stacey at Primal Strength and Conditioning about where I was, where I am and where I wanted to be. She put me through a series of workouts that kicked my ass and got me back to where I needed to be. So, no matter what your level of fitness is, I encourage you to give it a try... I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!!

Sgt. Bob Bernhardt

Client Spotlight

Liza Gallegos

I once weighed 388 lbs and was wearing 5x scrubs. I was a brittle diabetic with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I was on a path of self destruction. It would be a miracle if I lived to be 40 years old. One day someone very dear to me made a devastatingly insulting comment that would change my life forever.

I decided I wanted to become an athlete. I started walking everyday working my way up to 6 miles a day and eating a high protein, high fat, diet. My only dream was to complete 1 mud run.

I completed my first mud run then, several mud runs, 5 and 10k's, triathlon's and CrossFit competitions.

Then I met the women who would lead me on my next transition in life, Stacey Warnock Jenkins. After several consistent years I had finally lost a lot of weight and achieved my athlete status.

On December 29, 2016 I had a major medical procedure and went into a critical condition called Diabetic Ketoacidosis. I was put on life support. I was on the brink of death. As a strong willed fighter I wasn't ready to call it quits yet. After being taken off life support, I had to re-learn to talk, brush my teeth, fix my hair, bathe myself and just conduct the simple things in life.

I reached out to my coach Stacey Warnock Jenkins to begin my recovery.
I had gone from completing mud runs, triathlons, CrossFit competitions, 5 and 10Ks to a dragging left leg and drop foot, barely able to stand for a minute at a time. I was winded with walks from my car to the door. This is what she had to work with!

I could not even lift the 15 lb training bar or lightest kettle bells. I had to start with 3 lb dumb bells and I could no longer run at all. Stacey had to start over from scratch. Stacey began simple with me, but she never gave up on me. She pushed me when I wanted to give up. She did not come in with hardcore workouts. She saw what I needed and had to teach me to do push ups, sit ups, step ups, jump rope and walk straight again. My road to recovery was rough, but we have done it. I am back to CrossFit competions, mud runs and training for another triathlon. I am now stronger, healthier and fitter than I have ever been in my life. I am hitting PRs every day.

I am grateful for Stacey as we continue our path to reaching my dreams!

"Home is where you live your life, the gym is where you go to bust your ASS." 
~Stacey Warnock Jenkins

“I am my own worst enemy, but I am also my own solution.”
~Liza Gallegos

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