Strength training with weights (along with consuming adequate protein) is the best way to build, strengthen and maintain muscles, and improve body composition. 

Strength training also leads to improvements in metabolic health, including improved insulin sensitivity which means blood sugar levels are easier to manage as well as increasing our metabolic rate (how many calories we burn at rest).

Strength training with weights is recommended two to three times per week for optimum health.

I have been certified as a USA Weightlifting Level II coach, powerlifting coach and kettlebell coach for many years and have experience in teaching all of the major lifts to beginners as well as correcting flaws in the advanced Oly and power lifter.

The major strength/power lifts include:

The Olympic Lifts are:

Whether you are looking to learn the lifts for recreation, compete in sport or are wanting to improve your technique, fix flaws or break through a plateau and set new PR’s, let me be the coach to help you.