Prehab & Rehab Training

Are you suffering from a shoulder, hip, knee or back injury that you have seen an orthopedic for, but they have told you that you need to lose weight or get stronger before they can perform the needed surgery?

Are you left wondering  how you can possibly lose the necessary weight when you are in so much pain?

No idea how to exercise around the injury in order to lose the weight or build the strength?

If you are someone who has suffered from an injury or accident or are recovering from a surgery and want to regain or improve your range of motion, rebuild strength, once you have been released by your physician to resume normal activities we can start working to rebuild your balance, strength and range of motion.

Oftentimes physical therapy and/or rehab just aren’t enough and leave individuals disappointed with the end results. 

You do not have to settle for the condition you were left in once your doctor prescribed or insurance approved rehab/physical therapy is complete.

Are you one of those patients that did not diligently do the exercises prescribed to you by your physician or rehab professional and now you wish you had?

Are you currently under prescribed physical therapy, but are not doing your rehab exercises at home or you know you’re not disciplined enough to do them on your own?

I have many people who come to me to enforce their prescribed recovery exercise routine or help ensure that they are performing the exercises properly.

I get it! 

It can be very painful and it is very difficult to force yourself to do the work on your own!

Let me help you!