Get Started


The first step is to book an appointment for a consultation/evaluation/movement assessment.

The best way to contact me is through email at, text message to (863)738-9712

As I am training clients from early in the mornings until late in the evenings I am not always able to speak on the phone, but I will respond quickly to emails and text messages.


  • The studio address is: 1028 S Fl Ave. 
  • Located in the historic Dixieland area of Lakeland, Fl.
  • The parking and entrance are located at the rear of the building.

You may access the parking and entrance via the alley that runs North and South, parallel with S Fl Ave. 

The alley is accessible via Charles St. when coming from the North or Patterson St. when coming from the South. 

The studio is midway between Charles St. and Patterson St.

The address and business logo are posted on the back door. 

  • Please park at an angle facing the brown metal building. Follow suite with the other cars parked in front of my entrance. 
  • We share parking with other businesses and this is our designated parking area.
  • The door that faces S Fl Ave is not an entrance and can not be opened. 
  • All doors are kept locked at all times. 
  • Appointments are scheduled every hour on the hour. 
  • I do ask that you please remain in your car until I come to the door to see the previous client out. 
  • Please do not knock on the door or call to say that you have arrived as that is very disruptive and potentially dangerous to myself and the client that I am working with at the time. I know you have an appointment. I will not forget you. 😉
  • Appointments are 55 – 65 minutes in duration which means I could run over by 5 minutes or your session may end 5 minutes before the hour. It will all balance out in the end. 
  • Please bring water.
  • Please bring a yoga or exercise mat that is durable enough to handle shoes on it.
  • Please wear comfy athletic clothes and shoes that you can move freely in without restriction. 
  • I need to be able to see how you move and that you are able to get into the positions that I am looking for in the assessment.
  • No overly baggy clothing. 
  • Please do not wear Hoka or ON brand/style running shoes. 
  • They have become a popular fad or trend and running stores are pushing them heavily.
  • They are the worst shoes you can wear for functional fitness. 
  • If you are purchasing new athletic shoes to start your training program, my first recommendation is No Bull Trainers found at nobullprojectdotcom. 
  • If these are not suitable for you, I can recommend several other brands in person.
  • It is very important that you wear clean shoes to the studio that you have not worn in the mud or to walk your pets, feed your chickens, feed the ducks at Lk Morton, etc.
  • This may seem laughable, but if it were not a real problem it would not have to be mentioned. 
  • We spend a lot of time on the floor and the floors must not be contaminated with animal feces due to ringworm and other diseases. 
  • I scrub the floors every night with hospital grade disinfectant, but due to scheduling and drying time, I am not able to clean floors between each client.