About Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is a way of training that prepares your body for real life tasks and activities.

Functional fitness simulates movements life might demand of you whether at home, at work or at play, in a way that nautilus type gym machines can not do.

An active and healthy lifestyle requires us to stand, walk, jog, run, sprint, jump, lift, pull, push, bend, twist, turn, start, stop, climb, squat, kneel, lunge, crawl and carry, so why would we not train to perform these movements?

Think: cleaning your house, working in your yard or garden, chasing after your kids or grandkids, being able to get up and down from the floor easily without assistance to play with children or even get in a good stretching session, walking on the beach or building sand castles with your grandkids, flying a kite with your grandkids, going on an adventurous active vacation, going on a hike, climbing steps, going deep sea fishing, riding wave runners/jet skis, running a mud or adventure run, continuing to play or improving in your recreational sports and hobbies, putting up and taking down your Christmas tree, toting your own luggage or storing it in an overhead bin on an airplane, toting grocery bags, transporting a Sam’s/Costco size case of water, changing the 5 gallon water jug on your water cooler, transporting large bags of animal feed, bathing your pets, transporting large pets to the vet, brushing, saddling, bathing, leading, trailering and riding horses, boarding up your home for a potential hurricane, cleaning up debris after a hurricane, climbing ladders to clean your gutters or store things in your attic, trailering your boat… just to mention a few.